Things About Romance Novels that bug me:

This is not some deep, angry feminist thing. I love trashy romance novels, I would write them if I could, but I’m a shit fiction writer. But there are small nitpicky things that bug the crap out of me. Here are two:

When the characters take a cold shower to “cool off”. This is bullshit. Cold showers increase testosterone production  so if anything, you’re more likely to stay turned on. Which is why when the writer tries to convey that the sexual connection is so strong even a cold water can’t “turn it off,” it bugs the crap out of me.

When the women are unable to speak during sex because they’re so turned on, while the man is just talking up a storm. Scientifically speaking, the bridge between the two halves of the brain is thicker in women and they have more connections in their grey matter, thus making them more able to multitask than men. I get that these books are marketed for women and they apparently like the idea of being incoherent with lust but no. It’s wrong.

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