Compliments of Moi πŸ˜˜

So you know when a girl is about to go on a big date with the male romantic lead and he gets all gooey eyed and tells her she looks amazing?

I love that part.

What I’m not crazy about is what comes after.

Occasionally, the women will say something along the lines of “you too” – usually when the man tells them they look beautiful so it’s reaffirmed that our heroine is a mite awkward. But typically, their response involves the words “not bad”. Sometimes this is explained by the woman not wanting her alpha male to get anymore of an ego, which, if I may say so, is utter bullshite. Just because you’re complimenting a man does not mean that “You don’t look so bad yourself,” counts as an actual compliment. I actually find it incredibly rude. If a man (even a fictional one) tells a woman his honest opinion of her stellar appearance, the least our plucky heroine can do is answer with reciprocal emotion and honesty. (And hopefully some originality too).


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