I Now Pronounce You Man, Wife, and Everyone Else

This post is about something that truly, personally bugs the shit out of me. I absolutely hate the meddling families and friends in romance novels. I read about grown-ass women and I don’t want to read about anyone butting into their relationships or personal affairs, because I personally would despise it. If I ask someone for advice, then yes, they may provide it. However, the unsolicited and, often, invasive advice in romance novels is typically over the top. Such as when parental figures – typically mothers mind you, which is a disgusting stereotype – try and push their children to get married and have kids. It is not their goddamn business when – or even if – they’re thinking about getting married or having kids, they will inform their families when a decision is made, or if they need advice. Or when a friend or sister – again, typically female though occasionally male – will force their friend to a club or bar, or on an uplifting shopping montage, or push them to have a sex only relationship – or any other unhealthy relationship – that the heroine does not feel ready or suited for (which they are obviously not, because it’s a goddamn romance novel). I acknowledge that these actions are borne out of caring and love, but I prefer caring, love and respect of wishes, boundaries and person.

I fully admit that the above point does not apply to everyone and it is a personal dislike. I practically raised myself and I abhor the idea of meddling. Many like the idea of big families that know everyone’s business, and I absolutely respect that. It just drives me bonkers to read about.



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