The Moist Seed was Creamy and Steamy

There are certain words that just do not fit in a sexy time situation. I get that being repetitive is bad writing, but so is perusing a thesaurus simply for the sake of variety. For example, cum is fine. Seed is absolutely not fine. There are just some words that wreck the effect of a seemingly well-written sex scene.

Another good example would be the word ordered. I do not like the word ordered. I do not find dominance sexy when it’s just accepted as an inherent part of a relationship. It’s definitly something that should be discussed and that each partner should have the option to explore. So using requested would work so much better, because it plays to both types of readers  – those that enjoy forcefulness and those that don’t.

Tease is another big one. Particularly the instinctive sexisim that is behind the use of the word. In most romance novels the man will tease the woman until she begs, which is fine, except for the fact that when the woman tries to return the favor the man tells her to stop teasing. There is so little equality in the relationship. The man is talented in bed, while the woman is a just being a tease. The man is heightening her pleasure, the woman is punishing the man. The basic premise behind this being that making a woman wait for satisfaction is fine, while making a man wait is a punishment. I’m not sure of a replacement for this one. If you find one, let me know.

I started writing this with a completely different intent than how it ended. Whatever.


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