I don’t have a snappy title in me right now.✌

In almost every romance novel, – at least the ones without the foreshadowing of an unplanned pregnancy – there’s this moment when the man goes to get a condom, or starts cussing because he doesn’t have a condom, and the woman says something like, “Don’t worry, I’m on the pill and I’ve always worn a condom before,” and the man says, “I have also always worn a condom and I am clean,” and I just kinda wish that someone would take that step and have one of their protagonists have an STI. So many people have them, I mean 1 in 6 people have herpes and a standard STI panel doesn’t even test for it, some people don’t even show any symptoms, so it just seems like something that a lot of people will relate to. Especially if it’s one of those stories where a former manwhore has sex with the innocent young virgin, it just seems so unlikely that these damaged characters, some of whom have struggled with alcohol or whatever, are totally clean – and I am not saying that someone with an STI is damaged or an alcoholic or slutty or whatever, just that someone who’s slept with the population of Delaware is more likely to have an STI, but it only takes one time.

Also, I get that it means clean bill of health or whatever, but the connotation is that having an STI is dirty, which sucks.


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