Pets as a Reliable Judge of Character

Ok, so the pet tropes. There’s the one where the cat or dog or whatever, hates everyone but their owner, and then miraculously loves the guy the protagonist is into. Or where the pet absolutely loves everyone except for the main squeeze, but then, though dedication and proof that they will treat the cat’s owner right,  the love interest manages to foster a sense of mutual respect and admiration.

Excuse me, while I barf.

I’m kidding actually. I kind of love reading pet tropes. Believe it or not, I’m super fucking sappy.

My problem,

because of course I have a problem,

is with the first trope.

I’m kind of a selfish asshole and I’m pretty possessive of my pets, so I’d be kind of thrilled if my cat hated everyone but me. So if some guy waltzed in and the cat liked them? I’d probably be like, “Get the fuck out of my house, you cat-affection-stealing-bastard!” (I have issues, whatever).

But seriously, my future SO can not get along too well with my cats, because…because of reasons.

Shut up.


Oh, and to make this actually passably relevant, it’s also ridiculous to base your belief in the viability of a romantic relationship on how much your pet likes someone. Pets are not good judges of character. Typically. I’m like a cat whisperer though, so obviously some of them have the gift.


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