Now try it again, but this time with Real Human Emotions

I have found myself frustrated lately. As previously stated (I hope, I’m a bit too lazy to check) some of my inspiration comes from reading fanfiction. I recently started exploring in a new fandom and can I just say, fuck melodrama?

I am so sick and tired of stories that are supposed to be novel-length that are entirely without an actual plot beyond “I’m so scared of human emotion. I can’t love this person. It’s just friendship/sex/working together. Omg, I think I love him.” You can only drag out stupidity and cowardice for so long before it gets dreadfully boring and redundant. You gotta have actual THINGS happen, not just sex and emotionally stunted introspective ramblings.

Books aren’t always about realism, but unjustified and unnecessary angst for the sake of angst is just shitty writing. I wish that these authors would step back and try and write actual humans instead of caricatures of emotional unavailability.

Then there’s the other side of the coin: positive emotions in a situation in which they make you doubt the character’s sanity.

The number of times I have seen a story in which some dumbass treats the protagonist like shit and yet has her berating herself because, despite his atrocious behavior, she’s so “drawn” to him, is ridiculous. I had to stop reading just now because this particular heroine I’m reading about now got freaking kidnapped and she is excited that her kidnapper won’t treat her like a princess and even used a *gasp* innuendo. Like, I’m pretty sure that when a normal human woman’s kidnapper makes a sexual comment she doesn’t get excited, she gets scared that she’s going to be raped.

Could we stop having woman be sexually attracted to men who literally treat them like objects and garbage? That would be swell, thanks.

If you can’t organically redeem your male love interest and make him actually worthy of your plucky little protagonist, then don’t make him do shitty things. Changing him through the “power of love” is a fucking cop-out and is unfair to everyone involved. Stop making woman characters love unlovable people because they’re hot or whatever and then turning them into good people. Turn them into good people first. It’s not rocket science.

Sometimes authors should take a step back and ask themselves if they are doing their characters and story justice. Write compelling characters that stand on their own and an actual plot, without forced bullshit to prop them up, and you’ll be good.

(Even I’m sitting here going, “Oh, is that all?” I’m a fucking gem.”


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