*Shovel Emojis*

I spent like, 5 minutes looking for a shovel emoji. Here are some emojis they found more important than a shovel: 🗡🔫🔮⚰️⚱️🎎⚙️🕹

Anyway. Shovel talks. AKA when a well-meaning family member threatens a significant other. It’s possible I’ve broached this topic before. If so, let me reiterate: I loathe them. Would I want my SO to hurt me? No, of course not. But I also wouldn’t want to be with someone who only refrained from hurting me, because he was threatened. A relationship is a choice that two (or more) people make, and that choice includes accepting that you might get hurt. Respecting that choice means accepting the potential consequences your loved one may face.

So, when two characters are having problems and one of them gets hurt and a family member confronts the other party, it’s not my favorite thing. Especially when the other party has been completely upfront and honest about what they have to offer and has given the “injured” party plenty of chances to walk away. They made their own decisions: you can’t blame your family member’s SO when it’s their own choices that are hurting them.

I feel like I should have more to write, but I don’t. So. Then end.


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